California Games

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California Games: a cool NES era-like collection of sports games

If you want to sample what a compilation of sports games looked like in the mid 80s, then California Games is the game to boot. Epyx, the company that designed the bundle was not exactly shooting for innovation with the games included and the way they play is very much reminiscent of even older, button mashing games such as the NES fame Track and Field; What California Games does is to take the experience closer to the beach and into the hot Californian sun.Among the games featured you can find all the beach favorites such as skateboarding, roller-blading, flying disk, sand football or footbag and even a BMX (cycling game). Given the diversity, you can't really judge the games too harshly for their quirks and letdowns. Most of the interaction tries to follow the same button mashing schemes and you won't actually get a lot of variety in the way these games play.There are a few moments when the games shine. While the graphics are abysmal and almost laughable by modern standards, a few animations, such as the waves when you're playing the surf game or the beams of sunlight feel very retro cool. Overall, California Games is one of those games that stand apart from the crowd, so, if you want some retro Californian heat, this is the game to go to.

The "classic"

California Games is a classic computer game that at the time of it's release in 1987 was way ahead of its time sure it looks out dated today but give it a go and you wont be dissapointed just make sure you've got the whole day free cause when you start you won't want to stop. It's got games in it like surfing, halfpipe, frizbee, hackysack and bmx are just a fiew of the games in it and it has a pretty good multi-player setup!

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