City Life

Simulation 2006 Windows Deep Silver City simulation Action

City building bonanza

Anyone who plays video games has come in contact with a city building simulation. It just has to happen. It could be the original SimCity series, Caesar series, or perhaps City Life. There are so many city building games out there that it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart. But there are some that outshine others, in one way or another. City Life is one of those games, a great piece of software that can provide you with loads of entertaining gameplay. What is it about City Life that makes it different from all the others? In my opinion, it is the very neatly implemented financial and micromanagement system, which more so than in other similar games puts you in control of pretty much everything that goes on. Also, there is a great little thing i found hilarious. If you manage poorly, and mix different society groups together you will have a real riot on the streets. Yes, a riot. Lots of little citylifers will gather on the streets with signs and torches, asking for your resignation or whatever else they complain about. Makes you want to get into a firetruck and hose them down. Sadly, there is no such option. On the other hand, when things cool down a bit, you can zoom in into the streets and observe the life of your city, which is a nice touch. Graphics are beautifully done, but there could be more building types, after a while all residential and industrial venues look alike. Sound is nice and relaxing. All in all, City Life is a nice game, with lots of fun features that will keep you by your computer for a long time.

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