Civilization 2: Conflicts in Civilization

Strategy 1996 Windows MicroProse Software, Inc. Empire management Turn based

Test your skills

The Civilization series of strategy games is legendary in the industry, as is the name Sid Meier, and this add-on to the classic Civilization 2 maintains the high standards set down by the man. This one is essentially a collection of scenarios for the base game, but the imagination and depth on offer here mean that even if you've played it to death, there's still a huge amount of entertainment to be had here. The essential elements of the game remain the same, with these being an epic strategy game where you take your tiny burgeoning civilization from next to nothing, all the way into the future, seeing it develop and expand thanks to your decisions. There's everything from resource gathering to scientific research, politics and of course combat to deal with, all of which is endlessly entertaining. There's a highly varied set of scenarios here, which include the likes of historically accurate setups, like the American Civil War, to more fantastic ones, which test your skills in the midst of an alien invasion, or which check how you'd fare after the apocalypse. This really is quite a fascinating little addon that should be required play for anyone interested in the genre. The basic elements of the game are as well done as ever, with an intuitive interface and simple but effective visuals, but it's in the details and the scenarios where this one really scores. There's such creativity on offer here that you'll find yourself hooked in a matter of minutes, and the scenarios really will test your tactical acumen and keep you playing for some time. Excellent stuff.

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