Battle Isle 3

Strategy 1995 Windows Blue Byte Turn based War Isometric

Inciting Sci Fi game, a great chunk of TBS in a great series

To get the most of this game you really have to check out the other two games that came before it. You're going to find that this game's story makes a lot more sense when played within its own universe and with you being aware of the context of the other game's plot. Because, while the game plays as a turn based strategy, it also offers you a compelling story. You see, the game had quite a neat story to tell, about life of humans on other planets and colonization and other similar events, which can really entice the right kind Sci Fi lover. At any rate, Battle Isle 3 also plays great as a purebred strategy game, which is just as great a thing to get to know, probably not the best in the series but pretty enticing nonetheless. The style is not your regular tabletop wargame recreation though, it's more tactical than strategic, so, expect to control smaller contingents of units, top down, all delivered in a pretty okay 8bit/16bit looking style. Oh, and don't forget about later titles either, this is a series that got better with time and was pretty playful and unafraid to change this up.

Like BI 2 but slightly better

Ah, another great game from the series. It is interesting to know that Battle Isle 3 is one of the first game developed for Windows. Although not fully 3D rendered like its sequel, Incubation, this game has a 3D combat system that was introduces in the second installment, and is still visually very attractive and certainly better in the graphics department than its two predecessors. The sound system is also very detailed and good. The tradition from the second Battle Isle is continued - you have the entire screen to yourself. Not much has changed form the prequel - a new story line and some new units are the only new things that should be noted. This game made a big success with improving it visually and making other needed fixes with the game still staying true to its spirit, which is actually a real feat. In any case, this is a very good sequel from the series and all Battle Isle fans will love it.

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