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Galaxy at your disposal

Supremacy is by all means one of the most exciting strategy games of its times. Who does not want to conquer the galaxy with a fleet of army and the use of brains? Here you get to challenge many alien civilizations and can capture the whole solar system with your tactics. You can buy different spaceships and invade different planets. The graphics are no way near to the games of today but are spectacular for an old retro game. I also loved the different level of difficulties because they really keep you interested and cautious. You can always keep check on the strength of your enemies so that you can plan accordingly. It's a must try for those who love to use statistics as a part of the game play. It not actually a war game and is more of a mind game where your resource management abilities makes you win the galaxy. So it's good if you really want to build your tackling abilities. It can be disappointing for those who are looking out for real battles but is still interesting enough to keep you glued to your chair. Another similar game in this genre which i found interesting is the Space conquest.

Beat alien civilizations

Oh my god! Supremacy is one of the best strategy game ever. You have to challenge some different alien civilizations on a battle involving a whole solar system. You have to format the planets creating new colonies with own farms and military forces. Use diplomacy until you can't avoid the battle. At last defeat the enemy homeplanet using your military supremacy! This game is a bit old, but I think it deserve to be played.

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