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The multiplayer portion of the first Civilization game

This is the internet enabled multiplayer version of the first ever Civilization game from Sid Meier. Of course, the original infrastructure that was used to allow the game to be played is no longer, though it is possible still to create the server side yourself, if you're a good programmer, or if you manage to find some of the original server side software. At any rate, whether you can coerce it to be playable or not, CivNet is a nice multiplayer game. It allowed up to 8 players to connect and engage in a skirmish, with the variables set before the game was played. The overall map could be set in dimensions, in number of resources and the way it would look, if it was continental, if it was islands heavy and so on. The game was won by the player that managed to conquer all the other civilizations, or by the player that managed to get at the top of the development ladder first. As non game altering additions, CivNet also included an avatar creation tool, called a king maker, that allowed you to create your own avatar, and also leader boards, to see who was the better player. Anyway, a great multiplayer game for its time, the recipe would come to be updated in later Civilization titles, to the current day ones, that are still enjoyed by a lot of Civ strategists.

Multiplayer Civ game

Sid Meier's Civilization series was and is one of the best empire management video game of all times. What started as an innocent game for the DOS, where you started slowly building up your empire, has ended with a critically acclaimed Civilization 5, that even today there are gamers out there who still play it. Even though the series seems like it has ended, let's take a look into the past and witness the creation of CivNet. Unfortunately, if you can't find a friend to play with, this game can only be looked as a game that lived its glory and finally died. CivNet was an interesting concept and a well made multiplayer remake, but for today's standards, it's just a dead game. If you manage to gather some friends, you might find this game enjoyable.

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