Classic Arcade Games For Windows

Arcade 1995 Windows Impressions Games Platformer Compilation

Arcade game collection for...Windows!

This is a classic game collection, inspired by the classics of the true arcade era, containing five games in total. Granted, these are not quite the licensed originals, nope, they are lookalikes, and for the most part, they all do a great job. There's a Pac Man clone there, called Maze Craze, there's another called Invaders, which is just like the Atari Invaders (guess they ran out of ideas for original names?! Hehe). Another of the clones plays just like Lode Runner and is called Mine Trap and, of course, a Breakout clone was included, for good measure just as well. Called Brickbuster. The last game in the pack (so, 5 in total, not quite the heftiest bundle ever!) is called Fighter Ace, a two player sort of dogfighter game in 2D, probably the least appealing of them all, maybe paying homage to some top down space shooters, but it's just too uninspired to bring anything to mind. So, 4 good games, one that is a bit of a problem dog, playable on the Win 3.1 platform (so in DosBox!) and well, an alright deal, if, say, you used to take Win 3.1 one for productive or entertainment spins back in the day, in favor of the good old black DOS. Otherwise, play the originals, don't compromise!

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