Arcade 1985 Dos Dosbox BMB Compuscience Shooter Flight shooter

Sharp action and good graphics

It is an arcade and a flight shooter game which has a fair bit to give to veteran gamers and newcomers out there. The plot is very simple and that is do destroy the opposite teams of enemies driving your biplane which has some very good flight dynamics and is also supported by some good range of weaponry. In terms of the gameplay options, you can either play the game on your own and you can even call for the biplane of the enemies to oppose you in the air. Doing the missions alone in the air is a thing for the newcomers as the veterans would really love to have a fight in the air. You will go out on various missions where your goal will be destroy the basis and buildings of the enemy. The option of multi-player is also available in the game and this means that you can take up the action with your buddies. The controls in the game were very good as you can control your biplane very easily and effectively while flying and while attacking. The graphics are also good and detailed and the UI is thoroughly supportive and facilitating. The sequel version of this game Sopwith 2 is even better with more action and smoother graphics.

Simple game with CGA graphics

Sopwith is a simple, entertaining arcade game with CGA graphics. You control a WWII biplane on a mission from the Cyan team to destroy the buildings of the Magenta team. You can play by yourself, with no aerial opposition, or have an enemy biplane controlled by the computer to oppose you. There is also a 'multiplayer' option available at the main menu, but this is only functional with BMB Compuscience's Imaginet networking hardware. This game has been remade several times over, as Sopwith II, Author's Edition, SDL Sopwith, Sopwith ME, to name a few.

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