Space Invaders

Arcade 1995 Dos Paul S. Reid Shooter Futuristic

Classic clone of Space Invaders; very much alike the arcade game

Space Invaders (Dos clone, 1995) doesn't even want to bring some new idea to the original arcader, but instead tried hard and succeeded in bringing forth a game that is every inch like the original. Thus, the graphics, the speed of the game, the enemy waves and the sounds are as similar as one could expect. Also, very similar is the way the controls work, the finer detail of the side to side scrolling. IF you've played an arcade version of Space Invaders you'll know that the controls are very similar, almost the same. So, the best thing about this game is that it puts Space Invaders on your computer without having to install MAME (multi arcade machines emulator) and locate the original ROM image of the game. It just works seamlessly in your DosBox, is not a fussy game, you can also save and it will bring you back to the old days of the early 80s. In my book that's definitely mission accomplished! Similarly, download Super Space Invaders if a modern coat of paint is what you want on top of your Space Invaders games, and not an exact clone.

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