Super Space Invaders

Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox Taito Vertical shooter Aliens invasion

The Taito classic now on the PC with lots of extras

You know Space Invaders: masses of amorphous aliens made out of the materials that will soon make the bricks for Tetris (!) descend from up above. They are many but you are industrious. They approach ever faster as you decimate them (in the original a side effect of the system having less pixels to draw and thus becoming snappier!) and you can take cover under the included shields. However, the aliens will shoot back at you too, so make sure that you don't camp in one place all the time. Instead, try to change your location, making sure not to enter into the enemy fire by accident, and also, try to make the most out of every shot. This updated version adds color to the descendants (!) and to your portable gun, while also, bringing a few new scenarios, so you'll have more to shoot and. Totally worth it if you love arcade classics, and if you want just an updated version, not a remix. Similarly, the 1999 Activision Space Invaders version bumps the same recipe up graphically quite a lot, but leaves the core gameplay untouched. For a bit of a retro play, in increasingly modern clothes, play them all in order, the original, this Super version (sic!), and Activision's version I've just mentioned.

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