Knight Exchange

Strategy 1988 Dos Dosbox Softdisk Publishing Board games

Similar to chess, smaller in scope

In Knight Exchange you play over a smaller grid, made out of a 4x4 grid; the only chess pieces allowed are the knights, the L shape moving pieces. Therefore, the match, between you and the AI or the other players is a game based around on the idea of trying to take the enemies' knights, while still managing to protect yours. It's, if you will, like a Tic Tac Toe game of chess, which is simple, straightforward and always pretty exciting. In terms of delivery, well, Knight Exchange is not as fully fledged as some later chess games; you play by imputing the right letter into a text parser, moment after which the game does the move and the enemy takes his move too. Graphically it's in many ways a game of the kind that you'd expect on a home computer such as the ZX Spectrum, which means that it won't really give anyone too much in terms of looks, but the mini mind game with knights is cool and refreshing, especially for seasoned chess players. So, if you like oddities, like chess and puzzles based on chess concepts, Knight Exchange is definitely a cool puzzler, worth playing!

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