Simulation 1993 Dos Dosbox Code To Go Design Tool

Design and ride killer rollercoaster rides!

Here's an extreme rollercoaster builder, a game that surely will quench any aficionado of their affliction! Yep, it's not a full blown tycoon, being more prone on offering you the tools to produce the rolling coasters instead of anything else. But, with that in mind, I can't find any fault with the design. Especially if you like 3D top down builder games this one will deliver. Graphically it is not as diverse as it could have been, but then again, it's got the basic building blocks to let you focus on building the most amazing rollers out there. And, so, the game has the most intriguing effect on you: you might want to go in just tinker, but then you get this cool idea of a design and you spend an entire afternoon producing it, testing it and then releasing it in the wild! Yep, it's not the graphics that will entice you, it's the possibility to tinker with a design a lot, as there are many detail tools in there. So, truly, well produced, surely not as well designed as Rollercoaster Tycoon, but close enough to deserve being tried.

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