Flight Commander 2

Simulation 1995 Windows Avalon Hill Flight Design Tool

Flight based turn based strategy

Flight Commander 2 is a war game, tabletop like played in turns and focusing on air command. The game focuses on modern flight tactics and strategies and includes a large array of strategy elements, from the main tactical command to other important strategic elements, resource management, flight path management and more. You can choose to play any of the included missions, but you can also free play, skirmish style. The focus on air battles and air tactics leads to a much focused game experience, very realistic. Distances are modeled appropriately; your fleets of planes tactical options are all very well modeled as well. The problem, from a non hardcore gamers' perspective will be just that, complexity and a very deep and layered array of commands. The interface is split into a lot of different areas of play and, while you can choose to disregard certain options and focus solely on the tactical aspect, the game will be much harder to beat that way. At any rate, for a seasoned war games with a like for air based war gaming, this game is a very good example of the genre and very modernly put tighter, though as mentioned a tad too complex at times, for a casual player.

Enjoy this simulation

Flight Commander 2 is an excellent game as are its sister games Achtung Spitfire and Above the Reich. All are turn base, not action (joystick) games. Each are based on what you could call a hex-based map. If you are a fan of such board/minature games as the J.D. Webster Air Power series or any of many old/classic boardgames like Air Force/Dauntless series, you owe it to yourself to get this game. Be aware that for this game the game manual is required to play as you are asked a question with referance to specific pages in the manual...

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