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The Gold Rush in adventure form!

Colorado could be said to be a role playing game, though it's definitely more of an adventure game, if you come to actually play it. What you'll be doing, as your main goal is try and find this very rich goldmine in a timeline where the native Americans still were pretty much the masters of the Americas. Gameplay wise, it's pretty much a classic point and click, relatively diverse. The style is that of a cartoony western, with loads of sandy textures, loads of arboreal spaces and everything you'd imagine to find in the Wild West before the turn of the century. It can also be a bit of an empty exploration game, and what I mean by that is that asks you to do quite a bit of exploration through barren spaces, and when you think you had enough, it hits you with some action puzzly bits, like, say, riding a canoe downstream while avoiding rocks or fallen arbors, or fighting the local fauna in pretty whimsical mini fighter like sequences. So, Colorado is a pretty diverse little beast, not the most polished or the most enticing, but, it still isn't a bad experience. It's just that you'll want it to have been a bit more concise at times. A game that it reminded me of, gameplay wise, is The Adventures of Maddog Williams in the Dungeons of Duridian, so do try this one too if you feel that Colorado is to your liking.

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