Quest for Glory 3 - Wages of War

Adventure 1992 Dos Dosbox Sierra Tales and legends Point and click

Visit the African like land of Tarna for a last time!

Quest for Glory 3 - Wages of War is the final game in the QfG series, a cool adventure with a meaty role playing game portion, that will definitely incite anyone that loved early day RPG and stories that had all the staples of classic role playing fantasy in them. No matter what though, this particular game is great mostly because it manages to always have some exciting quest for you, but it never goes overboard difficulty wise. Yes, the first and the second Quest for Glory games, did a lot more fiddling with the difficulty, and you might even say that they were hardcore games, but this third one is a heck of an even, yet exciting journey. And wait till you lay your eyes on the land of Tarna, which is definitely worth looking into, a deserted (for the most part) landscape, with Africa like portions, that just takes you there, has a lot of depth and imagination poured into it all. So, as far as early days classic RPGs go, this one has got it all, the story, the background, the build, you name it; it just works great and is the kind of production you can be sure to love, no matter what. Have it in your collection along with the other two.

Make the two warring tribes make up

The third game in this wonderful groundbreaking fantasy adventure game. Closely connected with the past two, it follows the story at the point where Trial By Fire left off. You are brought to the land Tarna, which is on the brink of war. The Simbani, the tribe of your friend Uhura, are ready to do battle with the Leopardmen. Each enemy has stolen a sacred relic from the other tribe and refused to return it before the other does. You must then prevent the war and then thwart a demon who may be loosed upon the world. The gameplay's basically the same, with the option to play either the Fighter, Magic user or Thief, as in the prior games. There were a few minor additions to the Magic user and Thief characters. The game is still as captivating and fun as it was in the last two games, and fans will be very satisfied with this sequel, while novices will be enamored with the great characters, humorous dialogues, fantastic visuals and easy gameplay. This is definitely a great sequel, with two more great sequels to come - The Shadows of Darkness and Dragon Fire.

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