Space Quest 2 - Vohaul's Revenge

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Revenge is a dish best served cold

Roger Wilco is back, in this first sequel to the classic point-and-click adventure that is Space Quest. This one perhaps isn't quite so enjoyable as the original, but if you enjoy humorous adventures like Discworld and Monkey Island, then this remains a fine romp. It's got a witty script, some clever puzzles and atmospheric visuals, so if you have any interest in the genre, it makes for a good time. The story here finds our hapless hero caught up in a terrifying plot by his arch nemesis, who he thought he'd defeated in the last game, who wants to infest the galaxy with thousands of cloned insurance salesmen. He's captured and brought to an unpleasant planet where he's supposed to die working in a mine, but when he inadvertently escapes, he finds himself the only one who can stop Vohaul and save the galaxy. As before, this is a traditional point-and-click adventure, which relies on puzzle solving and exploration, but there are also more arcade-like elements, as you'll have to avoid the many hazards in order to prevent Roger from meeting an untimely end. For the most part, this is a good little experience. It's certainly amusing enough if you're attuned to this style of humor, and much appeal is added by the sheer variety of deaths awaiting Roger, which are nothing if not gruesomely inventive. The puzzles too are clever, quite tricky and fairly satisfying, but the whole game is quite short, and there's one extremely annoying maze section which does get frustrating. It's not going to mean much to anyone who hasn't played the first game, but if you have, there's a short but sweet experience to be had here.

A space oddity reloaded!

One the most misunderstood things about Space Quest 2 is its tone; some think this series to be all serious, all about space exploration in the sense that Star Trek would have approached it. When in fact, it's more of a Willy Wonka type of deal, in space, if Willie was a janitor, sort of a redneck and also one of those bulls in a China shop kind of guys! Yap, there's loads of tongue in cheek, there's loads of mishaps and loads of almost nonsensical (mis)adventures and puzzles to sink into here, too. I'd say the tone and the fun elements of this second title are even more so more accentuated than in the original which I think most will appreciate, as this is more to the core of what the game wants and is capable of doing. You're still stranded in space, as you'd guess and still the pivotal piece around which the universe revolves, when in need of a hero. Beautiful! And if I'm mentioning things of beauty, I should not skip the fact that Space Quest 2 looks just a dash better than its older brother, a bit more colorful and a bit more detailed animation wise. But make sure you get yourself used to running the game windowed, otherwise it's gonna look like a box of small colorful boxes has landed on your 24 inch ultra HD monitor! Anyway, for tongue in cheek and janitors as Deus Ex Machinas deal, you can't go wrong with Space Quest 2, it's in a league of its own, for sure!

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