Close Combat

Strategy 1996 Windows Microsoft World Wars Real time

The first title is a Normandy invasion based wargame

Close Combat is a well polished, first title in a large Microsoft series that is not really a tactics one, nor a wargame classic, but rather a relatively novel concept/approach in strategy/wargaming, that is all about the high grade/high level commands and control that were used during the Normandy invasion. Yes, it's a world war game, and it feels pretty accurate historically, but you do have your options; you can play as the Axis or as the Allies and the results can differ from the ones that were historical. Thus, it can be said that Close Combat is also an alternate history blend game, but the fun is had in making the hard, war winning decisions, which are not always straightforward. So, have Close Combat in your collection, even if graphically it is no high stakes kind of game; yes, it looks alright enough, with good top down maps that are anything but original or beautiful and the menus that could have received a bit more polish. But you can do the job within them, which is what it is all about, at the end of the day. And see later Close Combat games, later titles polished the recipe further and made it loads more playable and more involving for the armchair general!

Experience the WW II D-day

Close combat is a visually appealing and interesting WW II real time tactics strategy game (like Command and Conquer) set in the time and place of a famous battle on Normandy between the USA and the Germans in 1944. The game is authentic to its timeframe since all units and weaponry are based on those at that time. When it was relesed, the game made a big bang. It was instantly recongized and praised, rightly so. The games real time tactics is great as you will feel like you are really there in the battlefield. You give orders and the are executed immediately. Your troupes get experience, they even rise and fall in their rank, and they act just like real life soldiers - they are scared, they are stressed and they are brave. The battlefield and everything else is amazingly detailed and the general visual appeal of the game is fenomenal. You also have very realistic sounds of guns blazing, bombs exploding and people dying which will make you feel actually sorry for the loss of your soldiers like they are real people. As a game, it is sufficiently hard for all strategy enthusiasts. Overall, this may be one of the most realistic and genuine war strategy game. Fantastic work!

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