East Front

Strategy 1997 Windows Empire Interactive War Building Military

Average tactical war game

The genre of tactical war games are generally based on the World War 2 scenarios and has been good in terms of the gameplay. The same is the case with this game as it is another tactical war game that is based on a very important confrontation of the WW2. You have the two armies to choose from, one is the Hitler army and the other is Stalin's army. The game involves good variety in terms of the scenarios and the battles which can be fought singly or in the form of a campaign. The campaign mode of the battles are pretty diverse as there are a wide variety of elements which keep you interested in the gameplay. Being a tactical war game, you have to be strategic in which steps to win battles and to gain on the enemy. In terms of the A1, it is not that good or should I say it is a bit obscure but you do have the option of multiplayer mode on the internet via the email. The graphics are also average and the UI is not good enough to my liking. The game is however a good one time play. East Front 2 is however a far better game.

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