Conqueror AD 1086

Strategy 1995 Dos Dosbox Sierra On-Line Historical Role playing

Flawed Mount and Blade like game with some strategy elements

Conqueror AD 1086 combines two types of games in one. On one hand it sports the type of first person interactivity to be found in role playing games such as The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall, only that the staples of role playing increasing the strength of your character, gaining XP by killing monsters and by doing quests is less prominent in the game. Instead the game simply uses only the superficial elements at points, more specifically in jousts and while defending your castle. So rather than full RPG, these portions are treated as minigames and they play pretty badly. The other portion of the game is a strategy blend that is quite sterile and frustrating. You will have a hard time issuing orders and following them through. There is not a lot of difference you can make, and the game plays as if the events are pre-calculated. Therefore, since neither portion of the game has anything substantial to offer and the control is really bad, I would advise you against this title. To add insult to injury, the cutscenes are absolutely horrendous, just renders of the in-game engine, maybe with a bit more detail but they fail to convey and story or any feeling at all. Skip this unless you're specifically looking for a really, really badly designed game.

A bad game

Conqueror 1086 AD is totally rubbish. It's strategy-game with some 3D-action sequences. Strategy is much like Lords of the Realm -series, but a lot worse. You are England king's vassal and you must destroy his enemies. If you obey, you will be crushed by rebelling baron, if you disobey, king will kill you. Action sequences are castle attack and joust games. Both are unplayable, sounds and graphics are disgusting. If you like this medieval strategy genre, try Lords Of The Realms I or II or Total War -series, but avoid this game, it's awful like all others Software Sorcery (maker of this game) products.

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