Strategy 1994 Dos Mindscape Historical

Easy but fun

Legions is a simple old strategy game that is great for beginners in this kind of game. The gameplay is simple - you select a country and the ultimate objective is to eliminate all the other nations by means of bloody conquer. The gameplay is pretty standard for a strategy game - handle the economy, build your army troops and try to make dimplomacy wherever you can and if that fails, there is always the option of sweet war. The nation's ruler is a very important feature here. If you want to conquer a nation, you have to destroy all their cities and kill their rulers and heirs. Also, if you die, there is a heir to come in your place, as long as you have a city going on. The game is pretty old, and that is shown in the gameplay, since there are not a lot of option available and the controls are very simple. The AI is not very challenging, and that's why I think that this game is best for the newbies to strategy games. The graphics are also pretty simple, and there is not much to be said about the game's sound system. This game is by all means no Civilization, but still a fun and light game that will interest all strategy lovers interested in an easy game.

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