Custer's Last Command

Strategy 1995 Dos Incredible Simulation Historical

Custer's Last Stand in wargaming form

The game tries hard and mostly fails to simulate the 1876 battle that was waged in the United States near the Bighorn River. Custer was a commander of the 7th Chivalry regiment, while the opposing force was that of the Cheyenne and Lakota tribes, to which the Arapaho offered aid. At any rate, it was a pretty fierce battle, indeed worth of historic remembrance, but unfortunately this title does little to do justice to it. The gameplay is okay at first glance but in my opinion it fails to simulate well enough the actual displacement of the forces, the better equipment and thus the speed and damage dealt by the American side. Thus, it just sort of feels generic, like any other game, when the historical reality is a much more complex and interesting one. Therefore, be warned, you'll get little history with this game, instead you'll just get an okay wargame, too far away from actually simulation what it endeavors to simulate. If you're into the native American clashes with the invading (call them neo American, hehe!) forces, better try Zulu War, which is much better suited at telling a wargaming story closer to the real thing.

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