Road from Sumter to Appomattox 2, The

Strategy 1995 Windows Adanac Historical

A wargaming summary of the Civil War

I love the way this game is designed, the way it is bent to teach you a valid yet simplified, abbreviated history of the American Civil War. In order to do it through, you have to make yourself acquainted with basic wargaming tropes, so as to understand both the economic as well as the tactical and even political ties that made this conflict what it actually was. And so, without too many questions asked, the truth of the matter is that this is an alright, but never excellent wargame; as I said, it's main thing is that it managed to create the best possible game within the confines of what it offered, and in doing so it was pretty alright interactive history lesson. Again, granted, if you have the basis of appreciating wargaming even when not at its best graphically. At any rate, this or this other version, The American Civil War will manage to create a much useful wargaming history lesson that anyone with an interest in American history should get a glimpse at. I loved ot, for what it's worth, and, I'm sure that lovers of wargaming will find value in it too.

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