Gender Wars

Strategy 1996 Windows Dosbox GT Interactive Organized forces Science Fiction

When feminism strikes back!

In the way you interact with it, at the street level, when you make tactical decisions, the game is an alright squad based tactics game, seen from above. However, storywise, not as much! Nope, in Gender Wars feminism has gone nuclear and women have declared war on men, as, surely, the women have found that they could really do well without them. So, if you're a declared feminist, this is the kind of future you should be looking to uncover, the kind where cohabitation is no longer possible, but, instead, where males and females are at each other's throats! The game allows you to play as the ladies or as the males, and there are about 28 missions to go through, 14 per gender. The game's missions ask you to conquer by surprise attacks, by stealth and covert ops and by tactical cooperative play. The level of play is that of the squad, where you control each unit separately or all of them together. So, yeah, that's pretty much it, the game looks in the same vein of X Com or Syndicate, and overall, the game can be quite hard, as if your squad dies they remain dead for the remainder of the missions, so, you want to go at it as swiftly as you can, trying not to let your units die. Alright game, cool premise, definitely worth playing if you love tactics based gameplay in 2D.

Original idea, poor execution

Gender Wars is a strategy video game developed by The 8th Day and published by Sales Curve Ltd. in 1996. This game brings a new original ideea which is controversial up to this day: the supremacy of the genders. While other strategy games, like Starcraft or Empire Earth, are based around wars between nations, factions or entire races, here, a war is waged between men and women. Even though the idea might seem silly at first, the introduction of the game show how the relationship between the genders have decayed. The gameplay is mostly about commanding a team of up to 4 people and leading them in various missions, collecting various power-ups to help in the in final conflict. The gameplay is not bad at all, but it's neither great, making it a somewhat mixed bag kind of feeling to it. Even though the idea of the game is original, the missions sadly aren't. It's almost the same as in the countless organized forces game we have played and the inconvinience of playing as a team of 4 really leaves a sour taste in your mouth. The developers should have taken lesson from the excellent X-Com game, which had you control a team of up to 32 soldiers.

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