Action 1989 Dos Opera Soft Platformer

Aargh, me hearties!

As you might expect from the title, Corsarios is a sea-based adventure which provides a fair amount of swashbuckling action and which turns out to be a surprisingly enjoyable excursion into the life of a pirate. There are two distinct sections to the game, the first of which finds the player stranded on that classic staple of pirate stories, the desert island. The task here is simply to face seemingly endless waves of vicious and brutal pirates who have little more on their minds than the savage death of the player character and who are armed with a nasty array of weapons, including sabers and blunderbusses. Of course, they don't have it all their own way and a swift punch or kick to the head puts down even the most aggressive opponent. If you can survive long enough, you track down a boat at the edge of the island and manage to make your escape. The second part of the game sees you aboard a mighty galleon and which again sees the classic concept of the damsel in distress brought out to play. Gameplay is similar to the previous section but subtly different in that you now have access to a sword and must make your way up the ship's masts in order to rescue the girl and save her from ending up as shark food. Corsarios is undeniably simple stuff, with much in common with scrolling beat 'em ups like Double Dragon and Renegade but when you're in an undemanding mood, it provides ample entertainment. The game's biggest draw is its graphics, which are lovely and chunky, with some gloriously garish environments and sprites to enjoy. Sound fares less well but this is easily ignored, while the gameplay is straightorward but strangely satisfying. It's not a classic fighter but Corsarios is worth a look if you like this kind of thing.

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