Livingston Supongo 2

Action 1989 Dos Opera Soft Platformer

Entertaining platforming adventure

A little known platformer, the follow-up to the equally obscure Livingstone, Supongo from Spanish company Operasoft, this is rather bizarrely inspired by the antics of the legendary 19th century explorer, David Livingstone. It manages to provide a few inventive ideas and creates a curious little game that is definitely worth investigating for retro-heads and fans of Dizzy or A Boy and His Blob. Although there is some semblance of a story, which continues where the previous game left off, it's not really vital to have played the original in order to enjoy this one. This time round, the focus is on getting Livingstone out of Africa, but there will be plenty of ruins and treasure to discover, natives and wildlife to defeat, and puzzles to be overcome. One of the game's neatest little tricks is your arsenal of weapons which you can switch between at any time, including a whip for taking on enemies and a pole for leaping over obstacles. The focus here is more on simple puzzle solving than out-and-out action, but you'll still need swift reflexes to dodge the angry beasts that come charging your way or to leap over the many chasms you'll encounter. There are also plenty of surprisingly large side scrolling environments to explore, all of which are rendered in glorious old-school fashion, with chunky sprites and lush, vibrant colours. As an obscure little adventure game, this is surprisingly enjoyable and should provide fans with a fair amount of entertainment. It's not overly difficult but for a pleasant way to escape from a rainy day, you can do worse than this slice of retro heaven.

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