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Herny Stanley's epochal search for David Livingstone!

Well, this is a little saga in cute 8bit graphics and sidescrolling clothes, and a man's search and rescue operation, that will take you through a myriad of caves, outside places, areas more or less interesting to look at and to get lost into, and also to deal with classical sidescroller, platformer challenges. As I said, the most intriguing and at the same time beautiful thing about the game has to do with the graphical presentation, which is a very pixilated 8 bit style, but, even despite its sparseness, it still manages to give you as much detail, and to create this faeric little world. I for once surely couldn't get enough of it! But anyway, whether you're in as a tourist for the 8bit attractions or are just looking to play a medium difficult (and at times quite easy) game, you'll be in for a treat. Plus, one of your weapons is a boomerang, which has got to raise the cuteness factor by quite a bit! Alternatively, see how you like the Jill of the Jungle series, another sweet platformer, with that shareware feel and look from the good old days of BBS message boards!

Commodore and Spectrum classic

"Livingstone, I Presume?" is a unique game that left the competition way behind and was huge hit on computers such as Commodore and Spectrum. The game is described as a 2D action-adventure of a platform style. A Large world with interesting puzzles and features and a lot of trouble is combined with the unique gameplay. You have three different weapons and a pole for longer and higher jumps. Combining all this gives you a large possibility of actions. Use the boomerang for targets above you, knives for targets in front of you and bombs for targets beneath you. Change weapons using number buttons 1-4. Hold Fire button (Space) to reach the power of throwing/jumping and let go when you think it's enough. Use Q,A,O,P for movement. You must fight your way through, pick up various objects and eventually find and rescue Dr. Livingstone...

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