Cosmology of Kioto

Adventure 1995 Windows Yano Electric Oriental

Dead serious adventure tackling politics, religion and history

Wow, now there are some serious games out there, but Cosmology of Kioto sure known how to crank that mother up! So, thematically, it plays around with some of the most serious topics out there, religion (and, of course, the effects of superstition on the individual and the community!), history, and politics as the force keeping all of these elements in check. In terms of the story this adventure tells, it follows (and is inspired) by The Tales of Genji, which are Japanese folk tales very well known by the culture. However, like I said, the game is built in such a manner as to put you in a position to challenge all of the teachings and all of the preconceived ideas that are presented. Nonetheless, Cosmology of Kioto is also a gamers' game; it has puzzles, it has challenges that are common to text based and graphical adventures, thus having that all important bit of fun all games need. So, yeah, Cosmology of Kioto is sure worth a go, try it out of you love Japanese myth and feel like sinking into a game that really takes a serious, committed look at some of the more commonly held preconceptions that everyone has.

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