Atlantis: The Lost Tales

Adventure 1997 Windows Dosbox Cryo Interactive Oriental 3D action adventure Puzzle Fpp

A so, so first installment in the first person adventure series

Atlantis: The Lost Tales does a great job at interpreting the events that led to the sinking of the isle of Atlantis, and therefore, for that alone it is worth playing. However, the quality of the game is a bit all over the place. Some bits are as great as you could ever want them to be, some other bits are just a trudge to go through. The game has a lot of cool puzzles though, pieces of interactivity that really stand out. However, at times, you will get lost and have no way of telling what needs to be done next, what it is that you are meant to accomplish. At any rate, the game packs some really well interpreted dialogues and, if you love a bit of a dramatic interpretation, sort of like a well done drama school play, this game will serve you as good as you'd want it to! Overall, what I expected from this game, and didn't really receive was a more rounded experience but I guess some will not mind the ups and downs. After all, the reinterpretation of the Atlantis going down is so cool and so rewarding. Play it and if you like it, the rest of the Atlantis games won't disappoint either.

Beautiful game, a little frustrating

Atlantis: The Lost Tales was developed by Cryo Interactive. The game has amazing 3D graphics for its time, but the other element didn't seem well executed. First of all, this is a first person perspective adventure game, which is a nice approach, but this thing cause a lot frustration. Then, in order to interact with something in this game, you have to make sure that the thing you want to interact with (item, NPC etc.) has to be on the center of the screen. This is frustrating when you're trying to get a small item. It was way better had the developers made a crosshair at least. Another thing I have found really frustrating is that there are a few sections where you need to react fast. For example, you need to get away from guards who pursue. Every gamers reaction would be to find a place to hide, but not here. In the game, there is only ONE pre-determined path where you can run for safety, other path are basically death traps. The overall wasn't that great and the game mostly consists of puzzles, some of which are so hard that you need a walkthrough in order to solve them.

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