Marco Polo

Adventure 1994 Dos Dosbox Philips Interactive Oriental

Adventure game with trade simulation

The game as the name suggests is based on the emulation of this great merchant and explorer who played a great role in history by helping formulate the silk route which is known as a trading route. Playing the character your goal will be to explore different ventures and do a variety of trades by buying and selling. You will have to buy at low rates and then sell the same thing at higher rates to enhance your fortune. Being an economic simulation, the economic model in the game is very good but is not tough to the liking of veteran gamers. You have to make the right bids for the articles that you need to buy and change them according to the scenarios. The UI in the game is what I liked the most because it is really easy to control and manage your articles which will be appearing in the form of a list. The exploring features are also great where you will move throughout different regions where you will counter some historic happenings and also meet some very interesting and historic characters. The game is a very decent time killer and is supported by some good graphics which are well in line with those times. You can also go for Sukiya which is also a decent game in this genre.

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