Counter Action

Strategy 1997 Windows Mindscape Real time Top down

Take the fight to the enemy

This little known real time strategy game sprang up in the wake of the success of Command & Conquer, and like copies such as KKND, this one is decent enough, just a little lacking in inspiration. Counter Action swaps the sci-fi setting for a World War II one but apart from this, it's actually pretty much identical, and turns out to be a fun, if slightly shallow experience. The main focus here is one the two fairly hefty campaigns, which allow you to choose between Russian and German forces on the Eastern Front during the war. Each one has fourteen missions to play through, and the game is notable for its lack of micromanagement, with no resource gathering or building to get in the way of the combat. The mechanics are therefore pretty simple, and it's generally just a case of sending in your troops and vehicles and blasting away at the enemy, while defending your own guys. To be honest, there's little else of note here and if you have played any similar such game, you're going to be fully aware of what to expect. That doesn't necessarily make it a bad game, and if all you need is a pretty simple combat-focused RTS, then you should have some fun here. The missions are pretty challenging and fairly varied, while the interface is simple enough to choose and doesn't require much in the way of thought. The game does fall down somewhat with its visuals which are basic and reveal its low budget nature, as they consist mostly of just grass and trees. Overall, it's not a terrible game but perhaps Cannon Fodder might be a bit more fun.

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