Dark Reign: Rise of the Shadowhand

Strategy 1998 Windows Activision Real time Top down

Expansion to the original bringing in more units and mission

Dark Reign: Rise of the Shadowhand expands the already meaty RTS game Dark Reign: The Future of War, making it even more expansive. In terms of gameplay, the game is not too far off the recipe of Command & Conquer, although, maybe, the gameplay is a little faster overall. However, the recipe is similar: you have to build your base, make sure you build an offensive force while always being prepared for flash attacks, and waiting for the moment you can charge in and take the stand against the enemy. However, each skirmish can be quite diverse, and you have to use all your positioning skills in order to have an edge over the adversary. The fact is that this is one for those RTS games that at times will cheat. That is, it will seem to grow faster than you, even under conditions of low resources, making it harder to balance your game, especially at higher difficulty levels. That is why you have to always grow your army as quickly as possible, never allowing the enemy the time to charge you. The good or bad, however you want to see it, is that the enemy is never too smart: it never brings forth elaborate strategies. What the AI relies upon, mainly is sheer numbers and that can easily be counteracted by knowing which type of units to spawn in large numbers, in a simple game of rock paper scissors.

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