Outpost 2

Strategy 1997 Windows Sierra Galactic War Real time Top down

A colony building real time strategy

Outpost 2 is a game of spatial colonization, and quite an adept one at that; it has a futuristic theme, which doesn't lack its elements of post steam punk, but, without question it delivers a very tactical, very fast paced punch. Outpost 2 is a top down, 2D game, but it it one of the most diverse looking RTSes built with 2D tiles, as if it was still the early 90s (the game was released in 97, so, at least in part, the choice to do the game in 2D was a nod back to the titles of the early days). The tiles and the environments look astonishingly well: you have over 2000 tiles in total for the ground, a lot more than what these games usually offer us. Gameplay wise, it's all about establishing a base and then starting to terraforming the environment, which needs to become habitable. But don't worry; it's not as uneventful nor as simple as you'd believe. Nope, the game is quite diverse, with lots of variety, and also, a game that is full of enemies. In terms of how it evolves, you get missions, and you engage with each one separately, and as you finish one mission you are ready to go for the next. You can also play in skirmish mode if you don't want to play the missions. Also, a multiplayer mode is available. A similarly nice RTS, though older, is Dune 2, also futuristic Sci Fi themed.

Guard the gates

Outpost 2 : Divided Destiny is a 1997 real time strategy computer game and it's a sequel to Outpost, and it differs from the original in several ways. First, instead of turn-based, it gets real- time and ads battles, which the first one didn't have. All that was done by Sierra to try to make a more successful game than the poor received Outpost, but unfortunately they didn't succeed in that. It's still quite tedious and slow and even the great graphics and sound can't help that fact. The gameplay is where the game really hits rock bottom. It seems that the player doesn't even participate in the game. He makes a few clicks to issue some commands and then has to wait for a long time for the command to be completed. Even the combats are too slow and they are also too easy. The AI is too inefficient and the outcome of the battles is really dependant just on how many units do you have. Outpost 2 is, when all is said and done, a little bit of clicking and a lot of waiting around. It just doesn't get your attention. Too easy, too boring and too bad.

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