Crazy Cows

Strategy 1998 Dos Dosbox Runt time Organized forces

As we all know, grey cows hate brown cows!

This might as well be a call to arms for those of us that have ever fallen in the trappings of racism, and, to demonstrate how ultimately stupid racism actually is, this game portrays it as the battle of the grey...cows against their arch nemesis, the brown cows! Yep, that is what racism is, stupid, misguided, never leading to anything good and always leading to war. Anyway, while the theme is serious, the delivery is rather tongue in cheek and not as loaded. The game is an RTS, a top down one, where, as I said, cows of the two mentioned factions make war. It's a pretty nifty, easy to control, but ultimately not the most interesting strategy game there. It plays sufficiently well, but don't expect it to replace more serious and more thoughtful strategies. It has a bit of that M.A.X. personification thing going for itself. Also, it uses a lot of arcade elements, such as drops of equipment, which cows can use instantly. Also the cow production (damn, this is funny!) is based on a simple yet solid economic model. At any rate, whatever color cow you'll play as, you'll find that there are absolutely no differences of play, which, in this game, proves a point. Play it for fun and don't be a grey cow yourself. Or a brown one, for that matter!

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