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Highly underrated

Spellcross is an excellent sci fi turned based strategy game with a fairly typical plotline but excellent gameplay and challenging scenarios. The game is divided into two parts - the tactical and strategic phase. In the tactical part of the game you choose the territory to attack, manage resources and research and get everything ready for the battles that lay ahead. When that occurs, the tactical part commences. You organize your army, their positions and attacking maneuvers. The trick in the strategic part of the game is that the resources can be harvested for a limited amount of time, so you have to be very careful how you use them and how much, since you have to have enough when the combat phase starts. The research part of the game is also a story of its own. The AI is very well written, which makes the game very challenging. When you combine all of that, you get an excellent and very dynamic strategy game that will attract players like bee to honey. The graphics are very detailed, with dark colors prevailing, but very nice and smooth. The music is quite epic and dramatic, giving you a sense of epicness while playing. Overall, this might be one of the best sci fi games of the nineties, the X-Com series being my personal favorite. Have fun!

Best game back in 1997

It was the most original game of that year (1997) and it's very addictive if you enjoy with careful tactics deployment. The research way makes you avid to investigate the last weapon to defeat horrible monster. One inconvenient is your scarce troops and the incredible amount of enemies and their high shooting range.

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