Strategy 1997 Windows Blue Byte Organized forces

Tactics oriented game in the vein of Jagged Alliance

The problem with Incubation is that it doesn't tell as interesting a story as the X Coms used to... Also, in terms of telling a story that follows the Battle Isle series, of which this game is a part of, that is also not the case. Nope, this game's story is self contained, none too interesting and none too engaging. It's all about a mutation of the Herpes virus that makes it more dangerous and that infects the inhabitants of a planet called Scayra. So, basically the plot is alien zombies attack, what should the poor humans do? Well what they can do, in this game, is command the marines at the level of a squad, which, as mentioned is in the same vein as in Jagged Alliance. Graphically, the game is also a bit underwhelming, the kind that could have looked better had it received just a modicum more detailed maps and more details. But, well, it works, it has a bit of that Alien (the movie) atmosphere, though not too accentuated, and, so, it doesn't really stay with you, doesn't really keep you interested for long. So, better scour the Battle Island bundle for some other game that is better produced. I suggest Battle Isle 2 Scenery CD - Titan's Legacy as the better alternative.

Blue Byte does it again

This is a graphically stunning and very interesting turn based action strategy game, part of the Battle Isle story series, but it only loosely related to the rest of the series. This game is one of the first in history to use full 3D graphics, which is the reason why this game looks so damn good. You play in 30 futuristic scenarios in which you control a squad of soldier against a very dangerous alien threat. What's also great is that you can play co-op in multiplayer over LAN and other online playing software. The game is very challenging, so you have to rethink your your every decision and be very careful about your every move . You can also set the difficulty of the game, so it can be even harder and more challenging. Aside from the absolutely fantastic visuals, the game provides great music which perfectly corresponds to the atmosphere of the game. In this game, be prepared for hours of concentration, hard work and above all, action and immense fun. Great work, Blue Byte!

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