Fallen Haven

Strategy 1997 Windows Interactive Magic Galactic War Organized forces Turn based Sci fi

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X Com like but much simpler

I am pretty sure that most of those that don't touch turn based games do it for fear that they'll just be lost in such games, never quite sure what to do next, not quite sure what it's asked of them. Sure enough, this aura of inscrutability is not without merit, but definitely it isn't something that all games share. For instance, a game such as Fallen Haven is the kind of designed experience specifically tailored for those that don't to be over their ears in complexities and in hardships. And so, the developers took the ideas of X Com, compressed and simplified them, and came up with a turn based tactics experience much smoother, much simpler, that never gets loaded and complex as you go deeper into the game. For that reason, Fallen Haven can be a sort of gateway game, into more complex strategies, naturally, into the X Coms, but it might turn you on to some other games with this type of strategic backbone. It's well executed, fantasy themed, and well, for seasoned players maybe a bit too unsatisfying, but remember, this is not a complex, veteran appealing kind of oldie; nope, this is one for those of us that just want to get acquainted with the genre.

Fallen of heaven

Developed by Micomeg and published by Interactive Magic Ltd. in 1997, Fallen Heaven (think Red Alert without imagination) is a mediocre sci- fi turn-based strategy game revolved around defending the colony planet of New Heaven from the hostile alien race of Taurans, in the middle of a galactic war. The player can choose to be Human or Taurus and can choose between 15 territories and multiple difficulty levels. There is much to be said for the better and worse for this game. For those who love simple "chose one player and kill the other", it's perfect. For those who expect more, it can be rather disappointing. The building choices are limited, the army too weak and after a few turn it gets rather dull and monotonous. The graphics are very good considering the time the game was made and the techno music is a pretty good match to it, but to sum it up, Fallen Heaven is an eye candy that is interesting for an hour after which it turns back into a mediocre-to-bad strategy game which won't keep one's curiosity for too long.

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