Deer Avenger 2: Deer in the City

Simulation 1999 Windows AAA Games Nature simulation Shooter

Revenge of the deer

Given the success of the Deer Hunter series of hunting games, and the feelings some people have towards such activities, it was no surprise when the spoof Deer Avenger franchise popped up. The original gave players the chance to see things from the deer's perspective but beyond this novelty value, it offered little in the way of entertainment. This sequel continues in the same general vein as its predecessor and while it's mildly diverting for a short while, it soon becomes apparent this is a one-trick pony. This one takes its inspiration from Hollywood revenge movies, as our deer hero sees his would-be lover get mowed down by rednecks and who then vows vengeance. It's thus your job to hunt down three targets across three levels, based around city environments, but plenty of other targets will get in your way, so feel free to blast them down too. The gameplay takes the form of a sort of Operation Wolf-style shooter but with a bit more control regarding movement, while the environments are partially destructible and which may hide powerups or other useful items. Deer Avenger 2 is certainly a far from serious game, and if you enjoy Serious Sam or Duke Nukem, then the humor is of a similar level here so you might get some entertainment. However, the problem is that the game just isn't fun, with the shooting action being more laborious than exciting, thanks to the poor pacing and awkward controls. The visuals are nice enough, with a good cartoon-like feel to them, but ultimately this falls as flat as most parodies.

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