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The life of a lion; pretty neat simulation

The successor of Wolf, a top down simulation of a wolf's life, Lion take a similar approach to the game. You have a fully fledged natural environment to roam free within, with the idea being of surviving, from the very first moments, as a cub to the end. The game features a pool of 20 characters, lions, each with its own attributes, and so, the game offers you enough diversity so that you will be able to pick the right one for you. There are also 20 missions; but, the game proper is a free sandbox mode. The habitat, unlike it was in Wolf, is less sprawling; you only have the savanna, but that is to be expected; the game is realistic, and unlike a wolf, lions are mostly found in these kinds of conditions. Also, as an additional game mode, you can go for a safari, where you cannot interact with the animas, but just look at them. Overall it's a sort of Sims game, well done, in 2D, easy to control via mouse and keyboard commands, and a feel good, relaxing game most in the end. If you like to see how a lion goes about its day, sure, it's definitely worth it

Become King Mufasa

Become the king of the prairies. Hunt, kill, survive. Where you live, you are at the top of the food chain. Or are you? In this animal simulation game, you get to experience the life of the bloodthirsty beast, the beautiful and mighty lion. You can creep up to your prey in the high grasses, kill it.. And you know the rest. The game is a form of "edutainment", meaning it is both educational and fun, therefore perfect for children. It is faithful in its representation of the behavior of animals and the lion itself, it's overal very realistic and a very good simulation game, while continuing to be fun and exciting. You can really get in character, make youself thinking in lion thoughts and completely immersing yourself in the game. The visuals are very nice, with a top down point of view, but I must complain about the slowness of the animation. This game is one of the better animal simulations that exist and I recommend it to parents for their kids as it is highly educational, it's extremely fun and very time consuming. And if you are looking for other animal simulations, or if you're more a "king of the forest" rather than "kind of the prairies" person, try Wolf. It's also great.

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