Operation Frog

Simulation 1992 Dos Interactive Picture Systems Science Life simulation Nature simulation

A dissection toolset, and a frog!

The frog dissection is one of the most well remembered, if not fondly, kinds of dissections that used to be performed in schools. The point of the dissection was to showcase the internal organs of a frog and compare and contrast the human or mammalian anatomy. Of course, while a few years ago taking and dissection a few frogs was not the end of the world, towards the end of the 90s, and in more recent times, groups such as PETA have managed to make such acts look at tle3 very least barbarian if not completely unethical. Thus, digitizing this kind of operation seemed like a good idea. And, for all intents and purposes, this dissection program/edutainment/game works pretty nicely! Plus, dissecting your digital frog gives off no traces of formaldehyde or putrid buildup, which, I'd say is for the better! Graphically, both the tools with which you'll be performing the digital dissection as well as the digital frog are delivered in 2D, colorful, well done enough and quite alright, for the job at hand. So, give it a try if you'd like to learn about the inner makings of a frog and maybe learn something about the internal makeup of some other creatures! A good alternative to download can be El-Fish if you want to watch digital fishes in a digital tank of water. No, you can't dissect them!

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