Crush! Deluxe

Sport 1997 Windows Megamedia Corp. Futuristic Unconventional

Sports game with an amazing futuristic theme

The game is a sports game which is based on a very exciting futuristic theme. It's all out sports but the plot which they have given to it is quite innovative and unique. Here you have a futuristic rugby league to play in a galaxy where teams from different planets are coming to participate in it. It involves 8 races from different planets. As the game starts you will have to teleport a single player to the field whose job will be first to search out the ball after which the right goal post out of 4 will become evident. Now your task is simple and that is to carry to the ball to the goal post so that that you can score the goal. But wait as it really gets wild as the other team will prevent you from making the goal for which they will use booby traps that can stun your player. Your basic role here is to lead your team so that they allow their player with the ball to strike goal. It turns out a battle for the race to the goal and gets really exciting. Apart from this amazing plot, the graphics are also great and innovative because of the futuristic theme that it has. Another game with the same theme is Blood Bowl but this one has given some more unique and in depth features.

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