Rocket Jockey

Sport 1996 Windows SEGA Futuristic Unconventional

A must have

Rocket Jockey is probably one of the most original games to date - and one of the funnest, too. The name suggests your gameplay correctly - you are controlling a very cool rocket and compete against other players in three disciplines - Rocket Race, where you race against other rocket racers, Rocket Wars, where you have to destroy everybody else, and Rocket Ball, a great and innovative soccer like game where you have to shoot balls into the goals. The game has incredibly clear and beautiful graphics and fantastic animation, followed by extremely cool and totally fitting music that will make the experience even better. There is even an multiplayer option, where you can connect with other player via LAN and have group fun.The game is pretty challenging though - sometimes you can't be less than perfect if you want to succeed, and there are even timed levels, where you have to finish your job in 30 seconds or less. I suggest you definitely get this game for hours and hours of great, action pumped and exciting fun.

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