VR Sports Powerboat Racing

Sport 1998 Windows Interplay Summer sports Unconventional

Not as immersive as the arcader but nice enough to be worth a go

VR Sports Powerboat Racing might not be as intense as its cabinet counterpart but it sure isn't a bad game, however, you should not think about it as a simulator. Nope, nor the arcade version of it, nor its PC versions were intended to be considered simulators of speed boats, but they are just arcades released a lot of time after they were supposed to be of their time. Thus, the retro nostalgia play was to be felt both in the original as well as in this PC version. Now, another complaint might be that this version is not an accurate depiction of what the arcader was: Here I can only tell you that this is true, but that this PC version is by no means a lesser one, it is just a bit slower and a bit chunkier. But here's a fix for that: if you have a good enough, powerful PC you can play the game within a DosBox and set the simulated processor speed of your virtual machine faster. This can make the slowness a bit less evident, though, indeed, you won't get a one on one arcade experience. At any rate, given that nautical games are not as diverse as other genres I think this game is worth a go. Or you might want to give Wild Ride: Surf Shack a go, or play BugRiders: The Race of Kings all of them arcadey and all of them making use of a nautical theme.

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