Blood: Cryptic Passage

Action 1997 Windows WizardWorks Shooter Horror

The action is amazing

Those who know about this game know the real taste of action, but those who don't know, are in for a real treat. It is first person shooter game which involves fantasy plot and some adventure elements. To give you a gist of the plot, a powerful scroll has been taken from you by an evil and you need go get it back so that it is not used to bring harm. Well you set of on your journey to fight mystical powers. The action in this game involves fighting, killings, weapons and explosions and is so diverse that you will never feel like quitting it. There are about 9 distinct level in the games. You might think that they are less but they are so extensive and far spread that this makes the game more than average in length. All the levels are filled with different fighting combats and shooting sequences where you need to just go all hands and guns blazing to kill everything in sight. The graphics in the game are very alluring and clear and the gameplay is very competitive. The other thing which is good about the game is that the controls are perfectly synced for action.

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