Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard

Strategy 2002 Windows JoWood Productions Empire management Medieval

Perfect game for Sim lovers

Developed by Funatics Development and published by Kalypso Media Digital, The Gates of Asgard is a great RTS game. This is a GOD Sim type construction game where you have to expand the culture of a group of Vikings through Europe. Vikings explored the world thousands years before Columbus did. What I found most interesting in this game is the unique characters and string story line. You can discover a lot of resources exploring new lands. There are more than 30 specialized groups. You have to unite the 4 different cultures with a common goal. The 3D environment with detailed landscape is another improved feature in this game. If you are a RTS lover and if you have already played Cultures 1, then you will love this game. The excellent graphic quality and rich contents are the 2 reason for this game's huge success. You won't get bored playing this game because there is plenty of playing hours. Overall this is 5/5 rating game that will certainly entertain you. Lead Bjarni and the Vikings to explore the world.

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