Moonbase Commander

Strategy 2002 Windows Atari Galactic War Empire management Turn based Sci fi

Turn based strategy set on the Moon

One of the ways in which Moonbase Commander was falsely labeled back in the day was that it was meant for children. This might have been so due to its very simple, almost sparse interface and colorful graphics. However, the TBS, when considered in depth is by no means a child's game. No, it is actually a deep strategy game, but one that allows itself to deviate from the norm of tactical wargames where the action concerns itself with single units rather than with a larger portion of the map. Anyway, in terms of original concepts it is worth noting that the base construction is very interestingly produced. The buildings on the Moon have to be interconnected with different tubing, which means that you can't build whenever you want to. This also means that you can't have buildings set up randomly. The tubing between them cannot overlap. This adds another dimension to the tactics and keeps expansion at bay after a while, managing to keep the game balanced and for the battles never to rely on the increasing number of units on screen. Also, to keep in with the technology of the future of which the game has a lot to share, the game will offer you an interesting palette of weapon choices as well as interesting units. Not as interesting or as deep as Andromeda Conquest, but, nevertheless a simple yet great strategy game.

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