Stronghold Crusader

Strategy 2002 Windows 1C Company Empire management War Medieval

10.000 units on the screen can be quite a vista!

Stronghold Crusader is like an upgraded version of Stronghold. It is all about big numbers, about really jaw dropping numbers of units on screen, and also about a faster, more dynamic gameplay. Why? Well, because by the time got released it was possible with the technology of the time and the PCs too had evolved a lot, making such a diverse cavalcade of elements to actually be playable without jitteriness or other problems. So, in a way, Crusader is the kind of experience that really gets you inside it, if you love its brand of strategy: it is a game that asks you to protect, build, reinforce and manage a stronghold. But instead of just being this little puny base protection game, the diversity of scenarios really will make your mind churn with tactical and strategic options at all time. The RTS also allows you to relive the crusades, though not in a very historical accurate manner, but more in tone with the realities of that era than as a representation to the letter of the history. At any rate, as an RTS, it is really great, only surpassed by later Cossacks games in terms of number of units that could be displayed simultaneously on screen at any given time!

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