Medieval II: Total War

Strategy 2006 Windows Sega Empire management War Medieval Real time strategy

A great medieval strategy game

Medieval II, released in 2006 by Electronic Arts, is a state of the art as a real-time turn-based strategy game, with great graphics, dynamics and sound all incorporated in a unique gameplay experience that is by far one of the best for a game of this type. It is an indirect sequel of Medieval Total War. The game consists of two modes of play, battles and single-player campaign. Battles can be played in multiplayer, custom scenarios or historical scenarios. In the campaign mode, the player assumes the role of a faction, within which he can build a civilization (militarily and economically). The turn happens on the main map of Europe (as seen from above), during which the player can move armies, fleets and agents. When two armies engage the fight can be driven manually or the outcome can be calculated automatically. The goal of the campaign depends on the campaign type, a short campaign requiring the player to defeat one or two factions whilst a long campaign requires conquering minimum 45 territories and one or two significant cities. Each faction starts with one or a few settlements that consist of castles or cities, each with different characteristics, in terms of defense. The battles offer a great experience, and are real-time strategy like. What is so great about the battles is the perspective, that can be moved around a central point, can be zoomed, and while you zoom around certain parts of the army you can actually hear the individual sounds the units make (close horses neighing and infantry whispering in fear). The music is exceptional, matching the flow of the battle. The battles are epic in their splendor, because of the numbers and the animation of the units which seem pretty realistic. The strategy you use in battle determines the fate of battle, and might cause the enemy army to fled, moment which you can continue slaughtering or let them go. Overall, this game is a great way to exert your logical skills and to learn some history through the historical scenarios, and also the experience a neat RTS and TB gameplay mode with unique features, so it is highly recommended you try this game out.

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