Adventure 1984 Dos Infocom Text based

Adventure of a different sort

It is an adventure game which has a somewhat different plot or is not normally seen in the adventure games of this genre. The plot which involves treasure is different in the sense that the search that it has is of a different sort. Though most of the gameplay here will take place on the land but the treasure that needs to be searched is under the ocean's waves for which you will have to dive and search it out. The graphics in the game are so good that they make you feel the scenarios and make all the characters look quite believable. The dive in the game is very exciting but still it is not what the game is about. Two ship wrecks have been formulated in the game, the diving part in each of them is quite different while the reaming plot is pretty much on the same note. The diverse scenarios that they have incorporated are very interesting and really give the game an adventurist feel which is a must to have trait in such games. The controls are very responsive and the text based UI is very easy to understand and interpret. The game is excellent by all means. The other game which I would like to recommend to all adventure game lovers is Trinity.

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