Adventure 1985 Dos Dosbox Infocom Text based

Text based adventure from the creator of Loom

In Wishbringer you will play as a mail clerk in the town of Festeros, and, soon enough you get caught in a trapping with magical, fantasy undertones. You get offered, more or less by chance an important artifact, the stone of the Wishbringer, and you have to piece together what to do with it and how to manage your steps afterwards. The story brings in many elements of fantasy, of pulp and is pretty novel, given that many text based adventures were not as daring as this one. At any rate, when not concerned with the sprawling story, you will try your best to map out your position, which will be aided by the use of a graph paper and pen, outside the game, and to piece together how to solve the puzzles that you encounter. Some of them will ask of you to activate certain elements in the background, while others will ask of you to combine elements. But, Wishbringer is so simple, you'll at times wish it was harder. Wishbringer never gets ahead of itself to ask of you to connect too complicated a list of elements. It thus is a great beginners adventure, for those just beginning to sample the genre.

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