Puzzle 1991 Dos Doug Beeferman Reflex oriented

Gem and block puzzler; slide based

Cyberbox is a puzzler game, in which you want to acquire all the gems in each level; however, you getting to them is impeded by the many nooks and crannies that are blocked by the blocks. These can be pushed around, but you have to figure out the proper way to manage that, as some combinations and some positions of these might trap you. Thus, it's a puzzler where you want to think ahead about your next move, and in later levels, you might even have to consider entire chains of movement, or, you know, just try out and find the possibility that best suits you. It is an interesting game, lite in the beginning but it sure begins to take a turn towards harder towards the middle and end. The graphics look alright, quite good I'd say, for a 91 game. It's DOS like 8bit, 2D, and it does the job perfectly. The game even has such things as different surfaces and areas, each with their distinct property, so be prepared for a cool puzzle with loads of moving parts to it. And, more than anything, Cyberbox is truly shining, well organized and has everything you need to keep you entertain. Something similar is Logical, in some ways, but overall, Cyberbox is it's own blend of a puzzler. Download them both!

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